About Us

STAT Electronic Billing, Inc. is located in Westlake Village, California, and has been in business since 1994 providing medical billing services to practices both in California and out of state.

We are dedicated to working with all our physician practices to meet their billing needs. We serve practices of all sizes. Whether you are a solo practitioner or have a small or large group practice, we make sure that what you do is billed for and paid. Our clients include obstetricians, gynecologists, family practices, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, and internal medicine practices. No matter your focus, our highly qualified, dedicated staff will work hard for you to code appropriately and follow up on all claims in a timely manner.

Our offices

We have dedicated ourselves to keeping up with the ever-changing medical business landscape. Our staff knows Medicare, Medicaid, PPO, POS, EPO, and HMOs. We know the rules to get your claims paid and you can count on us to stay abreast of what is new and important to billing and coding. We keep you informed of these changes to ensure proper and appropriate coding for all that you do. When there are issues that you need researched, we will work to get you answers, and we are always ready to assist you in understanding your contracts.

STAT Electronic Billing, Inc. was founded by Kim Seegan (MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management; BSE, Duke University), who wanted to combine her analytical background with her entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and dedication. She has earned the Certified Professional Coder and Certified OB/GYN Coder credentials from the American Academy of Professional Coders.