• What services are included in the fees? +

    We provide all data entry, software updates and compliance, patient statements and postage, claims transmission and management, reports, annual coding review, fee structure review, appeals and claims follow-up, phone support, and ongoing billing and coding training as needed. We can also offer automated phone appointment messaging, recall notices, credentialing, contracting, address changes, and more.
  • How do you charge for services? +

    We bill as a percent of collections. We will look at your needs and provide you with a customized quote.
  • How should we send our information? +

    There are several ways that you can send information to us: Scan to our secure server, USPS, fax, courier, and our face-to-face personal meetings.
  • How often should we send you information? +

    You can send us information as often as you like. We recommend that you send us information at least weekly. We try to meet with our practices often and we can pick up the work on the days we meet with you.
  • What do you need to submit claims on our behalf? +

    We need patient demographics or hospital face sheets, copies of the front and back of insurance cards, and charge slips with diagnosis and procedure codes/descriptions of procedures performed.
  • Do all insurance companies accept electronic claims? +

    Most companies accept electronic claims. For those insurance companies that do not accept electronic claims, we send the carrier a paper claim for your services.
  • Will you follow up on claims? +

    Yes. Our practice management system has a robust collection module which allows us to follow claims and track them. We follow up on claims that have reached this module (time frames vary by carrier) every month.
  • Where are payments and reimbursements sent? +

    All payments and EOBs are sent to your office or through an ERA to your bank. We post all payments from your EOBs and copies of patient payments.
  • Do you take patient charts out of my office? +

    No, we never take charts out of the office. One of the reasons we visit practices periodically is to gather information for appeals. We also take advantage of these visits to communicate new information to the office staff.
  • When are claims submitted for payment? +

    This will vary depending on how often we get billing information from you. Our goal is for you to have a steady, uninterrupted cash flow. You won’t have to worry about a slowdown because your staff is on vacation. We bill for you 52 weeks a year.
  • Who do patients call for billing questions? +

    Patient statements have our phone number on them and your office can direct all billing questions to us. We also have a patient portal for your patients to view their bills, pay online, or contact us with billing questions.
  • Do I have access to my patient accounts? +

    Yes, we provide you with a secure login to our system so you can review patient accounts and run reports as needed. Some offices also schedule, print encounters, and check eligibility from our system.
  • When do you send patient statements? +

    We send patient statements weekly. Each patient is billed every 30 days, but we start billing them as soon as the service becomes their responsibility.
  • Do you have more questions? +

    Please contact us.

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