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We understand that the financial results of your practice are important to you. Access to our system offers you transparency and peace of mind. Our practice management system makes it easy.

Our physician practices have access to our practice management system so you can see what we see when it is convenient for you. Doctors and practices can check patient and insurance balances, schedule for the practice, or run reports at any time.

We work with your staff so they can view billing accounts, balances, check eligibility, run reports, and perform any other activities you need them to do.

Your staff will become more efficient because the access we provide will allow your office to check eligibility more easily, collect money from patients when they are in to see you (much faster than sending a bill and waiting for payment), and run any reports you want whenever you want them. We don't hide anything from you.

In some cases, we can also use your practice management system to do the billing for you.