STAT Electronic Billing, Inc. provides you with the reports you need for your practice as you need them.

Our server-based practice management system means you can access the reporting system from the comfort and convenience of your own office.

We set ourselves apart from other billing services or an in-house billing department by offering more useful reports. We provide you with a monthly aging report, but we go to the next level by furnishing you with additional reports that you will use and will help you to understand your practice better.

finance report

For example, our reports can help you:

  • Compare your contracts
  • Analyze the break-even cost of a piece of equipment
  • Decide whether it is cost-effective to buy injectables or not
  • Determine if you should refer out for services or provide them in house
  • Review insurance plans and your patient population
  • Calculate how much a government cut in reimbursement will affect your practice

You can also use our reporting system to run letters and labels to specific patient populations.

Ask us and we will provide you with tools to make your practice more profitable.